The MANUABLE Backpack is a physical canvas for self expression in the digital age. A customizable, functional tool for daily life, to be used, modified, and spent.

MANUABLE is made for those born in the internet age, finding their voice. Who know the importance of authenticity and information, but most of all, communicating and sharing.

New generations create to share, contribute, and create more. MANUABLE is a tool for self expression: pure, relevant, and updatable.



The minimalist and neutral design of the MANUABLE Backpack is made to be customized and finished by any user, under their own personal style. Its function is simple, with a padded laptop compartment in the back, compartments for bottles on either side, and a small and regular compartment in the front.

Made of ivory white fabric, chosen for its neutrality and durability. Water repellant and easily washable. Inner lining available in orange, pink, blue and grey.



The MANUABLE Backpack is made to be customized. It includes a set of font stickers that invite users to express themselves, and its minimalist style gives them freedom to make a completely original object out of each one.

Everyone can customize their backpack with temporary and permanent applications, allowing for a canvas that can always be updated and redefined.



The MANUABLE Backpack should be used, modified and owned. Its design and construction is made for this:

  • Reinforced fabric

  • Fade resistant

  • Stain resistant

  • Water repellent

  • Mold and mildew resistant

  • Easy to wash

  • Breathable fabric

  • Laptop compartment with polypropylene foam for protection

  • Abrasion and wear resistant

  • Plastic YKK reinforced zippers, with metal slider

  • 44cm tall x 30cm wide

  • 44cm x 30cm main compartment

  • 22cm x 14cm front pocket

  • 15” laptop compartment

  • Inside lining in orange, pink, blue or grey